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Special Education

District 196 Special Education is committed to equitable opportunities through high quality practices to accelerate growth for all students.

East Lake provides services to students with a variety of different needs. Currently, the school houses one center-based program, as well as resource programs for students in grades K-5. These programs may require students to be pulled-out of the mainstream for a minimal amount of time up to the majority of their school day.

Children may be referred to the child study team by classroom teachers, special education staff, parents, other outside agencies already serving the child, or by the child him/herself (if age-appropriate).

All students that go through the Child Study Team will need to have interventions in place in order to determine that the least restrictive environment has been maintained in order to meet the child's needs. Parents and staff members are an essential part of the process and are involved in all decision making regarding possible assessment and/or development of an Individual Education Plan (IEP).