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Hello and WELCOME to the East Lake Art Room!

Teaching and connecting with children through art has always been a passion of mine. I love to see their eyes light up when they discover something new. When I'm not at school or running my own children to different activities, you will often find me in my studio working on my own art. My heart belongs to weaving and creating anything with fibers. My Swedish grandmother was a master weaver and even as I child I remember getting right up close to her weavings to try and figure out how she made them. About 6 years ago a dream came true when I had her loom shipped all the way from Sweden here to Minnesota. It's one of my greatest treasures.

K-5 students receive an art education that aligns with state and national standards. Students receive hands-on learning using a variety of mediums such as: painting, paper collage, printmaking, ceramics, weaving, drawing, and sculpture.

Katri Hanson

Katri Hanson

Art teacher